Trucking Accidents Caused by Vehicle Conditions on the Rise

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Although a vast majority of accidents involving trucks and tractor trailers are caused by the negligence of either the truck driver, or another motorist on the roadway, an alarmingly high percentage of trucking accidents are actually the result of an overlooked or unknown vehicle condition. Many of these trucking accidents can be avoided by proper vehicle inspection and maintenance. The trucking accident and injury law firm of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C., want to make the residents of Chicago, and surrounding cities in Illinois, aware of the risks associated with sharing roadways with heavy trucks and tractor trailers.

Trucking accidents commonly occur as a result of mechanical, or other vehicle failures. Common examples of vehicle malfunctions that result in heavy truck or tractor trailer accidents include:

  • Brake Failure, brake incapacity, degraded brake capability;
  • Failure of a truck’s steering mechanisms;
  • Tire blowouts; insufficient treading on tires;
  • Other defective components, such as:
    • Lights and reflectors
    • Mirrors
    • Defrosters
    • Wind-shield wipers
    • Mud or debris flaps
    • Turn signals

A recent study by the Department of Transportation revealed that nearly 30% of trucking accidents involve brake related issues. Often, brake failure is due to the defective design or manufacturer of braking systems. Although such defects may result in recall of a product, trucking companies may not be aware of a recall, and in unfortunate cases, the recall is a result of the subsequent discovery of a defect following an accident. Manufacturers of truck braking systems, and other essential truck mechanisms are federally mandated to adhere to strict standards regarding the products they produce. Failure to adhere to proscribed standards can result in heavy fines, in addition to civil liability. Our Chicago trucking accident attorneys feel that manufacturers who place defective products in to the stream of commerce, thereby causing loss of life or limb, should be held accountable.

Trucking accidents caused by brake related issues may also be caused by the trucking company’s failure to properly maintain or inspect the heavy trucks or tractor trailers which they put into use on Chicago roadways. Just as the manufactures of truck braking products must adhere to federal regulations, so must the trucking companies who own and operate such vehicles. The standards that trucking companies are required to adhere to, pursuant to federal and state regulation, are strict, extensive, and specific. Such regulations provide guidelines for virtually all essential components and mechanisms of heavy trucks or tractor trailers. At Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C., our injury and accident attorneys are well-informed as to all state and federal regulations concerning the trucking industry.

Additional causes of injury and death in trucking accidents involve trucks that lack, or lack adequate side or rear underride protection. Without such protections, most common automobiles, which are located in a significantly lower position than most common heavy trucks or tractor trailers, are at risk for serious injuries in the event of a collision with one another. The injury and wrongful death attorneys at Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. consider the installation of both side and rear underride protection to be a personal responsibility of trucking companies who share the roadways with other, more vulnerable motor vehicles.

Our Chicago accident and injury attorneys understand that there may be multiple parties at fault in a particular trucking accident, and it is our goal to ensure that victims of such accidents receive the compensation deserved from all negligent parties. For a free personal injury consultation with one of our experienced and dedicated personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, contact us today at (771) 516-4100, or online at

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