Environmental Benefits of Bicycling

Although bicycling has long been used for recreational and exercise purposes, environmentally friendly and economically cautious individuals are using bicycles in increasing numbers, as a means of transportation. Chicago, and many other neighboring suburbs have taken note of this increase, through the implementation of regulation pertaining to bicyclists, as well as through the construction of numerous bike paths and routes. The Chicago injury attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. support such efforts which effectively promote safety and aim to prevent bicycle accidents, but also provide awareness regarding the environmental benefits of bicycling.

Motor vehicle emissions continue to be a primary source of pollution, particularly in large cities where the sheer volume of vehicles in operation on roadways is immensely disproportionate to that of smaller cities. As reported by youcanbikethere.com, “During its lifetime, on the road, each car produces another 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air and scatters an additional 40 pounds of worn tire particles, brake debris and worn road surface into the atmosphere.” Alarmingly, the United States is reported as having the second largest CO2 emission rate, with China ranking first, when compared with all other nations. The environmentally conscious team of injury lawyers at Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. are concerned over the profound pollutant effect that motorized transportation continues to have on our environment. Data collected by MIT, presented in the following table, demonstrates the environmental impact of various modes of transportation

Greenhouse gas emissions in kg
Source: MIT

Further, concerns over our nation’s fuel supplies, and the associated increasing fuel costs, have led to a growing number of environmental cautious individuals seeking to ‘do their part’ in protecting not only our environment, but also its limited resources. As reported by the Bureau of Transportation 2010 Statistics, the transportation sector accounts for 71% of all petroleum use in the United States. Unfortunately, the enormous presence of fueling stations have created a scenario in which many have taken for granted the availability of fuel, while forgetting that it is, in fact, only a limited resource.

The Chicago attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. believe that we should all work to protect our valuable resources. Those who may be reluctant to ‘Go Green’ often share the common misconception that their small contributions will have no effect on the environment. However, every step taken to preserve our natural resources is beneficial, no matter how minimal. Put in the most simplistic manner, for every mile in which a bicycle is used, rather than a motor vehicle, the equivalent is saved in fuel usage. By taking small steps towards conservation of our limited resources, future generations can continue to enjoy the benefits that so many of us currently take advantage.

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