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Our Chicago immigration lawyers can help you understand how to obtain a visa stamp.  The visa stamp is a travel document issued by a U.S. consulate abroad that allows a foreign national to whom it is issued to travel to the U.S. (e.g. to board plane, train or ship) to apply for admission at a U.S. port of entry. If a foreign national who needs a visa arrives at a U.S. port without visa, the alien may be returned at the carrier's expense to the home country or to the port of departure. Except for Canadian citizens who are visa exempt (with some exceptions), aliens with Border Crossing Cards, and aliens traveling on the Visa Waiver Program, all foreign nationals are expected to present valid visas consistent with the purpose of their travel.

An alien in possession of a current, valid visa is not guaranteed admission to the U.S. by virtue of having been issued that visa. At a U.S. port of entry, the Department of Homeland Security will inspect the alien to determine admissibility and, if appropriate, admit the alien in a particular nonimmigrant category. The inspecting officer will also determine the period of authorized admission of the alien.

Issues of admissibility arise every time a foreign national applies for a visa or for admission as a nonimmigrant.

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