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When you consult our office for personal injury case, you will meet with an experienced attorney who can tell you the steps that you need to undertake to find the insurance companies that may provide coverage for your accident, to make a claim or claims on your behalf, and to request payment for your bills if there is appropriate medical coverage. Personal injury cases often pose difficult challenges regarding liability, coverage, witnesses, need for experts, preservation of evidence, jurisdiction, and others. Every type of personal injury case has its own requirements and pitfalls, including car accident cases, truck accident cases, dog bites, slip and falls, and others and insurance companies often use their superior knowledge to take statements that later can be used against the injured victim. Sometimes after an accident even if the liability for the injury is clear, insurance companies engage in gamesmanship by denying coverage for the accident, claiming that their own insured received insurance improperly, and therefore they would return the premium to the insured and would cancel the insurance, and would not pay any damages to the injured victim. In such a case the injury victim must undertake steps to ensure coverage through his or her own uninsured motorist coverage, and different policies have different requirements and deadlines. Experienced personal injury attorneys are familiar with the pitfalls involved in personal injury cases and will ensure that they don’t happen to your case. Peter Zneimer has many years of experience in the prosecution of personal injury cases and has helped many clients receive compensation for their losses. Our law firm would file a lawsuit and try the case if the case needs to be resolved through the judicial process.


If you need immigration advice, you will consult with Sofia Zneimer who is an experienced immigration attorney. She can advise you about your immigration options even if you have a complicated case, and will consider multiple issues, including entry, admission, unlawful presence, immigration history, work history, violence, criminal immigration issues, fear of return to the home country, and others, and will help you with finding a solution. Sofia Zneimer can advise you regarding business immigration, family immigration, removal issues, hardship, political asylum, citizenship, immigration appeal, and other immigration issues. In quite a few cases, our office had taken over cases complicated by errors made by prior preparers whether prior lawyer or a notario or the alien herself or himself, and it is much more difficult and expensive to correct mishandled cases, than to do the case properly, ethically, and efficiently from the start. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney is especially important for those who have any criminal arrest, including a DIU, and it is crucial to consult with a competent immigration attorney before accepting any plea deals, because criminal consequences for immigrants are severe and can result in detention, removal, and permanent separation from family and friends. Federal courts and administrative agencies issue decisions daily, and many may have an impact on cases such as yours. To practice immigration law one has to keep current with administrative regulations, cases, immigration memoranda, liaison updates, and numerous professional resources, and cannot rely on cursory review of forms. There is much more than just forms in successfully prosecuting immigration cases. Immigration law is very complicated, and mishandling an immigration issue can complicate lives. Contact our office to talk to an experienced immigration attorney for an honest professional opinion about your case.

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