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Burn Injuries

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Welcome to Zneimer & Zneimer P.C., a distinguished law firm in Chicago representing victims of burn injuries. Our dedicated and experienced attorneys possess a profound understanding of the complexities inherent in burn injury cases. We are advocate for your rights and facilitating your journey towards recovery.

The Devastating Impact of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from minor to life-threatening, and can stem from various causes, including fires, electrical accidents, scalding liquids, chemical exposures, and more. These injuries inflict not only physical pain but also emotional trauma, scarring, and bring significant financial burdens resulting from extensive medical treatments and lost wages.

Why Zneimer & Zneimer P.C.?

Our attorneys possess extensive knowledge of the medical intricacies of burn injuries and their far-reaching, long-term effects on victims' lives.

At Zneimer & Zneimer P.C., we offer a comprehensive array of legal services, commencing with thorough case evaluations and investigations and culminating in assertive representation during negotiations and courtroom proceedings.

Your unique needs are our top priority. We ensure compassionate support and craft personalized legal strategies meticulously tailored to your specific situation.

Our Legal Services for Burn Injury Victims
  • Case Assessment: Our journey begins with a meticulous evaluation of your burn injury case, where we consider all contributing factors and identify responsible parties.
  • Investigation and Evidence Collection: Our dedicated team conducts thorough investigations to gather critical evidence, including medical reports, eyewitness accounts, and expert testimonies.
  • Aggressive Legal Advocacy: With a keen skill set in negotiation and courtroom representation, we relentlessly fight to secure the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.
Addressing the Full Spectrum of Burn Injuries

We understand that burn injuries encompass physical, emotional, and financial aspects:

We strive to secure compensation that covers medical treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation, scar revision, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Our aim is to ensure you receive the necessary support to regain your physical and emotional well-being.

Our objective is to recover damages for all financial impacts, including medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced earning capacity.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be categorized into several types, each with its own characteristics and severity. Thermal burns are among the most common and encompass two primary categories: scalds and flame burns. Scalds result from exposure to hot liquids, while flame burns occur due to direct contact with an open flame or fire source. These burns can affect various layers of the skin, leading to varying degrees of damage.

Another type of burn injury is chemical burns, which result from contact with corrosive substances like acids, bases (alkalis), solvents, or cleaning agents. The severity of chemical burns depends on factors such as the type and concentration of the chemical and the duration of exposure. Immediate and thorough washing of the affected area is crucial to minimize damage.

Electrical burns, often associated with electrical accidents or faulty wiring, result from contact with electrical sources. These burns can be deceptive, as they may not exhibit immediate external damage but can cause severe internal tissue damage. Radiological burns, caused by overexposure to ionizing radiation, and friction burns, commonly known as "road rash," caused by skin friction against a rough surface, are additional types of burn injuries.

Layers of the Skin Affected

Burn injuries can damage different layers of the skin, ranging from superficial to deep tissue:

  • First-Degree Burns: These burns affect the top layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. They typically result in redness, mild pain, and swelling but do not penetrate deeply. Superficial scalds and sunburns are common examples.
  • Second-Degree Burns: These burns extend beyond the epidermis into the dermis, the layer beneath the epidermis. They often lead to blistering, severe redness, swelling, and clear, fluid-filled blisters. Second-degree burns can result in scarring, and their severity depends on their depth.
  • Third-Degree Burns: These are full-thickness burns that damage both the epidermis and the dermis completely. They result in a white, brown, or charred appearance. Nerve endings may be damaged, so these burns may not be as painful initially. Third-degree burns require surgical intervention, such as skin grafts, to replace the damaged tissue and promote healing.
  • Fourth-Degree Burns: The most severe of all burn injuries, fourth-degree burns extend beyond the dermis, affecting deeper tissues like muscles, bones, and tendons. These burns often appear charred and are life-threatening. Extensive surgical intervention is required, including amputation in some cases.

One of the significant consequences of burn injuries is scarring. Scarring can occur with second, third, and fourth-degree burns, depending on their depth and severity. Scars may vary in appearance, from minor and relatively unnoticeable to prominent and disfiguring. The location of the burn and the individual's healing process also play a role in the extent of scarring.

Scarring can have physical, emotional, and psychological effects on burn injury victims. It may limit mobility, cause discomfort, and impact self-esteem and body image. Proper wound care and potential surgical interventions like skin grafts aim to minimize scarring and improve the overall appearance and functionality of the affected area.

In conclusion, burn injuries encompass various types, each affecting different layers of the skin and potentially leading to scarring. Proper medical care, including wound management and surgical interventions, is crucial to mitigate the long-term effects of these injuries and enhance the physical and emotional well-being of burn injury survivors. Legal representation, can help victims secure the compensation needed to address their physical and emotional challenges.

Promoting Awareness and Prevention

At Zneimer & Zneimer P.C., our commitment extends beyond legal representation. We strive to raise awareness about burn prevention and safety measures in homes, businesses and workplaces. Prevention is key, and we are committed to spreading knowledge to prevent burn injuries.

We advocate for improved safety regulations and standards to proactively prevent burn injuries, ensuring that workplaces, businesses and homes are safer for all.

Essential Resources for Burn Injury Support and Prevention

As part of our commitment to burn injury victims and prevention efforts, we provide you with essential resources:

Contact Zneimer & Zneimer P.C.

If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury in Illinois, Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. is here to offer expert legal guidance. We are committed to helping you navigate through this challenging time.

Zneimer & Zneimer P.C.: Your Trusted Legal Partner in Burn Injury Cases in Chicago

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Someone rear-ended my car last spring and I was injured. Peter and Sofia Zneimer and they staff were professional and were always available by phone. I knew that the insurance of the other driver wasn't very good but they were still able to settle my case promptly and I was satisfied with the money I received. Overall, a very good trusted experience. Natig M.
I highly recommend the services of Zneimer and Zneimer. I often seek legal advice from them related to my immigration status and way forward. Both Sofia and Peter are very detailed and quick in answering any question. I laud their professionalism and a very efficient team that works for them. Suman S.
I totally recommend Sofia, she is the best lawyer in Chicago area. She is very professional, very detailed with her work and supportive. She always goes above and beyond to ensure the best outcome. Caring, compassionate and only the best for your family. I won my case because of her professionalism and her knowledge of the law. Aurel P.
I have dealt with Sofia Zneimer since 2009. She is a great lawyer and has helped me tremendously in navigating the process of green card. She is a great resource to have by your side. She is easy to reach. She responds very quickly, which was very important for me. If she can’t answer the question the same day, she does let you know that she is working on it. I would have no hesitation in recruiting her. Hemant S.
I called Zneimer & Zneimer after I was rear-ended on the highway. Peter and Sofia Zneimer have been very helpful in dealing with the insurance company and getting money for my car damage. They are also handling my injury case. They answer all my questions and I am always able to reach them on the phone anytime I want to talk to them. I am confident in having them represent me. The best choice i ever made. Thank you! Emil G.