Accident or Negligence: Investigations in Nursing Home Premise Liability

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The nursing home premise liability attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. represent injured elderly victims, and the loved ones of those killed, in tragic accidents occurring in nursing home facilities. Data provided from 2010 U.S. Census data reported that our nation’s elderly population currently encompasses 13% of the total population, and is expected to comprise 20% of the U.S. population by 2050. Our experienced and dedicated team of injury attorneys are concerned for the ability of our nation to provide safe and adequate care for such a progressively immense population of individuals over the age of 65.

With Illinois ranked as fifth in the nation for its number of nursing home facilities, our injury attorneys are specifically concerned with the manner in which these facilities have been, and will be, able to adapt to increasingly stringent regulations. Although recent amendments to the Illinois nursing Home Reform Act have certainly attempted to address current issues concerning nursing home accidents, elder abuse, and elder neglect, statistical data providing injury incident rates of our elderly residents, continue to plague Illinois. Our nursing home injury and accident attorneys believe that our elders residing in Chicago, and other surrounding Illinois areas should have peace of mind in selecting a nursing home facility, without having to worry about whether or not such facility, whether large, small, short-term, or long-term, is in conformance with appropriate standards of care, and in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Accidents and injuries occurring at nursing home facilities present themselves in a variety of ways. Commonly, injuries occurring in nursing homes may appear to be completely accidental, when in fact such accident or injury was the result of either intentional actions by nursing home staff, or the nursing home’s failure to adhere to appropriate standards of care. For example, injuries resulting as a result of what may appear to have been a simple slip and fall accident, may actually have occurred due acts or omissions on the part of the facility, such as underqualified or overworked employees, understaffed and/or overpopulated facilities. Although recent amendments to the Illinois Nursing Home Reform Act directly address the issue of nursing facility staffing, these amendments are only regulatory in nature, and cannot always provide recovery for injuries resulting from incidents that are deemed solely accidental without full and proper investigation to determine actual fault.

Our team of nursing home injury attorneys know the importance of conducting a thorough investigation following an injury or death occurring in a residential nursing facility. Although nursing facilities have mandated reporting requirements upon injury or death to one of its elderly residents, such reports may lack sufficient evidence to conclusively determine the party or parties at fault. Consequently, in an effort to preserve available evidence, consultation with an attorney experienced in nursing home liability and negligence, should be sought as soon as is practicable following accident, injury, or death occurring in a nursing home facility.

The nursing home premise liability attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your matter, and work zealously on your behalf to preserve any and all evidence that may be necessary in proving fault. Contact our office today for a free personal injury consultation at (773) 516-4100, or online at

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