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Located in Lake County, on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Waukegan, Illinois is beautiful community to reside in, as its nickname “Green Town” suggests. As the City continues to implement its planning for downtown and lakefront redevelopment, Waukegan bicycle enthusiasts continue to emerge in increasing numbers. Waukegan offers a number of bike trails to its residents and tourists. For example, the Lake County McClory recreational trail passes through Waukegan, which offers a pathway for bicyclists and pedestrians extending from neighboring Wisconsin, to the North Shore, along the right of way of the former Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee road. Despite the presence of recreational trails, however, many bicyclists, travel by bike as a means of transportation, and therefore existing trails and paths do not always offer a convenient route. The bicycle accident attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. are concerned for the safety of bicyclists who are forced to share the roadways with motorists in heavily populated Waukegan.

Perhaps in recognition of the serious risk of injury or fatality associated with bicycle versus motorist accidents, Waukegan’s Municipal Code of Ordinances pertaining to bicyclists is highly detailed in providing regulations which are clearly aimed in promoting safety and awareness. The foregoing is provided by the Waukegan Bicycle Accident Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C., with the intention of promoting the same goals which were contemplated in the course of the City’s implementation of its Municipal Code.

Bicycle Equipment
  • Front Light: Every bicycle used at nighttime must be equipped with a white light, of a type approved by the state department of transportation, on the front of the bicycle, which emits a white light that is visible at a distance of 500 ft.
  • Rear Light: Every bicycle used at nighttime must be equipped with a red light, of a type approved by the state department of transportation, on the rear of the bicycle, which emits a red light that is visible at all distances from 100 ft. to 200 ft.
  • Pedal Reflectors: Each bicycle shall be equipped with reflex reflectors on each pedal, which are visible at nighttime from a distance of 200 ft.
  • Side Reflectors: Each bicycle shall be equipped with side reflectors, to both the rear of the center, as well as to the front of the center, that are visible from a distance of 500 ft., and are essentially colorless or red. This requirement can also be met by “reflective materials which shall be at least 3/16 of an inch wide on each side of each tire or rim to indicate as clearly as possible the continuous circular shape and size of the tires or rims of such bicycle, which reflective materials may be of the same color on both the front and rear tire or rim.”

NOTE: No person shall sell or offer for sale a new bicycle or a pedal for use on a bicycle which is not equipped with proper lighting devices and reflectors.

Bicycle operation
  • Passengers: Bicycles shall only carry the amount of passengers for which the bike is designed and equipped to carry, except that an adult rider may carry a child securely attached to his person with a back pack or sling.
  • Speed: No person riding a bicycle on any street, highway, alley, path, or in any public place in the city, shall travel at a speed greater than the posted speed limit or that which is reasonable and prudent under the conditions then existing.
  • Carrying Articles: No person operating a bicycle shall carry any package, bundle or article which prevents the use of both hands in the control and operation of the bicycle. A person operating a bicycle shall keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.
  • Sidewalks: Bicycles shall not be ridden upon sidewalks within the business district. When use on sidewalks is permitted, the right of the sidewalks should be used, riders should yield the right of way to pedestrians, and shall give an audible signal before overtaking or passing a pedestrian.

The foregoing sections of Waukegan’s Municipal Code of Ordinances are provided to the residents of Waukegan for informative purposes. For a complete listing of Waukegan Ordinances pertaining to bicyclists, please visit the City’s official website at http://www.waukeganweb.net/. Whether for recreation or commuting purposes, bicyclists and motorists should always travel in a safe, cautious, and responsible manner. Most importantly, prevention of tragic bicycling accidents necessitates that bicyclists, motorists, and pedesrians remain aware of one another’s presence at all times. Through working together, we can ensure the safety of Waukegan bicyclists.

If you were injured as a result of a bicycling accident , it is important to safeguard your legal rights through seeking consultation with a Waukegan Personal Injury Attorney . In the heartbreaking event that your loved one suffered a fatality as a result of a bicycling accident , a Wrongful Death Attorney can discuss your legal rights to recovery for your loss.

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