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Known to many as the Golden Corridor, Schaumberg is a large village in Cook County, home to over 74,000 residents. The dog bite injury and animal attack attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. are concerned for the residents of Schaumberg by the increasing incidence of dog bites and animal attacks. Each year, millions of people are injured or killed in dog attacks at the hands of negligent dog owners. Our team of dog bite personal injury attorneys and dog attack wrongful death attorneys represent the injured, as well as the family members of the deceased, who fall victim to such attacks.

Schaumberg, like other neighboring Illinois cities, has procedures that must be adhered to following a dog bite or dog attack, pursuant to local ordinance. These post-bite procedures apply to the victims of dog bites and dog attacks, the owners of dogs involved in such attacks, as well as any person knowing that an individual or animal has been bitten by a dog. Our dog bite and dog attack attorneys want to protect the rights of the residents of Schaumberg who may have experienced such traumatic events as those involved in attacks by vicious dogs. The procedures concerning dog bites, pursuant to § 92.40 of Schaumberg Municipal Code, Procedures in Case of Bites, are as follows:

  • FIRST, within 24 hours of a known dog bite, notify an “authorized person,” such as member of the police department, a Schaumberg Animal Control officer, or other authorized Schaumberg community development department personal ;
  • SECOND, the authorized person will order the dog owner to confine the dog with a licensed veterinarian for a period of 24 hours following the dog bite. (Confinement may be within dog owners home only if determined by licensed veterinarian); and
  • THIRD, during the observation period, the authorized person shall be notified of the animal’s health on the first and tenth days for rabies inoculated dogs, and for non-inoculated dogs, such reports shall be on the first, fifth, and tenth days.

Additionally, if the dog bites again during the observation period, such dog shall be confined an additional 10 days from the date of each subsequent attack. Schaumberg requires the dog owner to pay for all fees and charges associated with such confinement and observation. Also, “It shall be unlawful for the owner of a biting animal to euthanize, sell, give away or otherwise dispose of, or have inoculated against rabies, the animal known to have bitten a person until it has been released from confinement for observation for rabies.” To view Schaumberg’s entire Municipal Code concerning Animals, please visit:

Because specific time frames are enumerated within Schaumberg’s local ordinance concerning post- dog bite procedures, it is important to consult with an personal injury attorney specialized in dog bites or dog attacks as soon as is feasible following such attack. Our team of dog bite injury lawyers have represented residents of Schaumberg, and surrounding Chicago cities, in seeking the fair and just compensation deserved.

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