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The Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. represent victims who are seeking financial compensation for injuries sustained and losses incurred as a result of a bike crash that occurred in Oak Park, or a surrounding area in Cook County, Illinois. Located to the immediate west of the city of Chicago, and with easy access to downtown, many residents of Oak Park rely on bicycles to commute, whether as a primary means of travel, or as a means of reaching the village’s many forms of public transit. In addition, Oak Park’s historic setting, as well as abundance of shops, eateries, attractions, and local events, has made the community a popular tourist destination.

As provided on the village website:

The Village of Oak Park has a long tradition of encouraging safe cycling with bicycle friendly Share the Road signs at all major community entry points, written guidelines to help cyclists and motorists get along on the roadway and bike racks located throughout the community.

Well before the development of Chicago’s Divvy Bike Share Program, Oak Park became known for Greenline Wheels, one of the first low-to-no-profit social enterprises to offer eco-friendly transportation alternatives, including bike rentals, route maps, and information on self-guided and tour-guided bicycling.

Although Oak Park is ahead of many other communities in terms of planning, development, and bicycle usage rates, the village also takes note of the manner in which improving safety and reducing bike crashes could increase ridership levels amongst both residents and visitors. As a result, Oak Park produced its first comprehensive Bicycle Plan in 2008. As part of ongoing improvement efforts, the village contracted with the Active Transportation Alliance in 2014, for the purpose of conducting a study to assess plan updates.

In implementing changes to the 2008 plan, the village notes two key goals. The first focuses on improving bike sharing systems, including extending Chicago’s Divvy Bike Share into the village. The second involves bicycle boulevards, which are distinctive areas which provide notification and signaling to both bicyclists and pedestrians that they are utilizing a street designed to give bicyclists a priority.

In addition to other efforts aimed at reducing injury and fatality caused by bike crash incidents, the Village Code sets forth detailed regulations pertaining to the use and operation of bicycles, some of which vary greatly from many surrounding communities. For example, section 15-2-23, which requires helmet use for bicyclists under the age of 17, was enacted into village code, because, as the village explains:

The helmet requirement grew from months of study by the Board of Health, whose volunteer membership includes health care professionals. In making their recommendation for the new local law, Board of Health members presented information from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration about injuries and deaths caused by bicyclists who have accidents while riding without a helmet.

The Oak Park Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. support the village’s undertakings in promoting cycling, while also improving safety, reducing bike crashes, and, most importantly, preventing injuries and fatalities. Bicyclists must remember that, regardless of safe riding practices, as well as the infrastructure, local law, and safety initiatives in place at a given time, the potential for an accident can never be fully eliminated. We have seen the devastation caused by incapacitating and deadly bike crashes, and therefore encourage defensive riding. At the same time, motorists must remain aware of their obligation to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users, by driving in a responsible and lawful manner.

If you or a loved one were involved in a bicycle-related incident, contact our team of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys, at 773-516-4100, or online at www.zneimerlaw.com, and allow us to explain your legal rights and options.

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