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The Niles auto accident injury attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. provide legal representation to residents of Niles, and surrounding Chicago communities who were killed or sustained injury as a result of an automobile accident. Niles is a quaint region in Cook County Illinois, and within the Niles and Maine Townships. First incorporated in 1827, with a mere 500 residents, Niles still remains a relatively unpopulated area, with its current population not yet having exceeded 30,000. Although car accidents occurring on public roadways, may be more uncommon in the less densely populated region of Niles when compared to more heavily populated cities in Cook County, auto accidents still remain a likely phenomenon. Our accident lawyers have experience representing clients involved in all types of auto accidents, whether such accident occurred on a public roadway, parking lot, or private driveway.

Car accidents, by their very nature, can be sudden and unexpected. Often times, it is not necessary to travel far from home for a car accident to occur. In fact, more than half of all car accidents occur within five miles from home. Backover accidents are likely included within this 50%, given that a large percentage of backover accidents occur in one’s own private driveway, or in the road adjacent to the private driveway. Backover accidents may occur in various ways, such as when the driver fails to maintain proper lookout while proceeding in reverse, or when the property owner fails to trim or remove trees or shrubbery that may be obstructing the driver’s view. Our Niles accident lawyers understand the various ways in which a backover accident can result in injury.

Backover accidents can be tremendously traumatic because the victims involved are often bicyclists and pedestrians. Given the average weight of a car at approximately 4, 500 pounds, it is easy to conceive the severity and variation of injuries that may occur as a result of a car backing over a pedestrian or bicyclist. Unfortunately, such backover accidents often result in death. Our injury and accident attorneys represent both the injured, and the family members of persons killed in backover accidents, and other automobile accidents. If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident, contact the licensed Illinois accident attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. for a Free Personal Injury Consultation, at (773) 515-4100.

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