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The city of Markham, Illinois, noted for its location at the southwest tip of Lake Michigan, is a Chicago suburb located in Cook County. Known as the “Prairie Capital of the Prairie State,” it is believed by many that 10,000 years ago the city was comprised mostly of beach-land. Today, hundreds of acres of virgin prairie land remain in Markham, which is truly remarkable given there is only one-tenth of one percent of prairie left in Illinois. The Markham Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. take note of the unique land features and abundant wildlife of Markham, and encourage residents to do their part in preserving its beauty.

Beyond its prairies, the city of Markham is a spacious, serene community that offers affordable housing and several school districts, making it a desirable location for families. Markham, just like other Chicago suburbs, has its own code of ordinances that regulate the activities of persons present within the boundaries of the city. Residents and visitors alike, are urged to familiarize themselves with city ordinances. The Markham Dog Bite and Animal Attack Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. offer the following information regarding some of the key provisions set forth in Markham’s Animal Ordinance.

Responsible ownership of a dog in Markham requires annual registration, of any dog that is 90 days or older, pursuant to the procedures set forth by city ordinance. In addition to a $15 fee, Markham requires proof of rabies vaccination for all resident dog owners, and for non-residents dog owners keeping a dog within the city for more than 15 days. Upon issuance of a tag by the City Clerk, the owner must affix such tag to a collar around the dog’s neck.

It is important to know, that certain classifications of dogs must meet additional registration requirements prior to tag issuance. For example, vicious dogs as defined by Markham city ordinance, as well vicious or dangerous dogs, as defined by Illinois Statute or Cook County Ordinance, must obtain liability insurance, that specifically identifies the dog, with policy limits of $50,000 per incident and normal medical or other coverage as contained in a standard liability insurance policy.


  • Any individual dog which when either unmuzzled, unleashed, or unattended by its owner, or a member of its owner's family, in a vicious or terrorizing manner, approaches any person in an apparent attitude of attack upon streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds or places.


  • Any individual dog that when unprovoked inflicts bites or attacks a human being or other animal either on public or private property;
  • Any individual dog with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack without provocation, to cause injury or to otherwise endanger the safety of human beings or domestic animals; and, whether or not provoked, those dogs known as Rottweiler, pit bull, German Shepherd or other such dogs identified as dangerous and vicious dogs by the statutes of the State of Illinois or the ordinances of the County of Cook.
  • Any individual dog which attacks a human being or domestic animal without provocation;
  • Any individual dog which has been found to be a "DANGEROUS DOG" on three separate occasions;
  • No dog shall be deemed "VICIOUS" if it bites, attacks, or menaces a trespasser on the property of its owner or harms or menaces anyone who has tormented or abused it or is a professionally trained dog for law enforcement or guard duties.

Regardless of an owner obtaining liability insurance, there are certain dogs that cannot be registered because they are prohibited within the city. For example, section 92.42 of Markham’s City Ordinance provides that“[n]o breed of dog which has a propensity to attack human beings without provocation including, but not limited to, the breed commonly known as the pit bull dog, and no dog trained as an attack dog may be kept within the city. Persons found to be in violation of this provision shall be subject to the imposition of a fine, with each subsequent day the violation continues constituting a separate offense.

In addition to registration requirements, dog owners should also be aware of other animal ordinances in Markham pertaining to the care, custody, and control of a dog. Markham, like most surround Chicago suburbs, prohibits any animal to be permitted to run at-large within the city at any time. City ordinance, section 91.21(A)(3) provides that “[d]ogs are deemed to be running at-large when they are on any street, alley, or sidewalk or any other public place or property not owned, leased or otherwise controlled or supervised by their owners, unless such dogs are properly leashed and are wearing correct registration and rabies inoculation checks, plates or tags.

Dogs must also be controlled in a manner so as to not disturb the piece. As stated in section 92.02 of Markham city ordinance, “[i]t is unlawful to harbor or keep any animal which disturbs the peace by loud noises at any time of the day or night. It shall be unlawful for any owner to permit any dog to disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood by barking or making loud or unusual noises or by running through or across cultivated gardens, fields, lawns and shrubbery of others.”

It is also necessary to understand the reporting and procedural requirements associated with a dog bite or dog attack occurring within the city. With regards to reporting requirements, the obligation to notify the Health Inspector, of an incident involving a dog biting another person in Markham, extends not only to the owner of the dog, but also to any other person having knowledge of the attack. Upon notification of the incident, the dog shall be confined for a period of 14 days, and any expenses incurred shall be borne by the owner of the dog.

As a final consideration, it is important to know that the provisions discussed herein are intended merely as a partial restatement of the city’s ordinances pertaining to animals. The attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. encourage you to view Markham’s Animal Ordinances.

If you or a loved one were the victim of an incident in which a dog or other animal caused injury or fatality, it is imperative that you discuss your legal rights with a personal injury or wrongful death attorney that has experience handling this specific type of case. The Markham Dog Bite and Animal Attack Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. have been providing representation to clients for decades, and remain dedicated to seeking the justice and compensation deserved.

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