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Illinois is a strict liability State, which means that if a person is injured or killed by a dog, while in a place legally permitted to be, the owner of the dog generally will be held [strictly] liable, so long as the dog attack was unprovoked. Our Joliet animal attack attorneys and Joliet dog bite injury lawyers have received compensation for numerous clients in cases where the dog owner was held strictly liable.

Joliet, like other cities in Illinois, recognize the need for regulations which are aimed at both preventing injury and attack by dogs who are not properly maintained by their owners, as well as provide recourse for victims involved in a dog attack. Pursuant to local ordinance, Joliet defines vicious and dangerous dogs as follows:

  • Vicious dog means a dog, other than a police dog, that, without justification, attacks a person or a companion animal and causes serious physical injury or death or any individual dog that has been found to be a "dangerous dog" upon two separate occasions.
  • Dangerous dog means any individual dog, other than a police dog, that when unmuzzled, unleashed, or unattended by its owner or custodian behaves in a manner that a reasonable person would believe poses an unjustified imminent threat of physical injury to a person or a companion animal.

Injuries from a dog bite or dog attack can be profoundly life changing. Medical bills from dog bites or dog attacks are typically substantially higher, when compared to other types of injuries. According to a 2010 report released by State Farm, over $9.7 million dollars were paid out in insurance claims related to dog bites or dog attacks in Illinois alone. This figure, when compared to the total payout of $90 million in 2010 for the entire nation, represents highly concerning statistical data for the residents of Joliet and other cities in Illinois. Joliet ordinance provides that when a dog is deemed to be vicious, the owner shall be required to maintain liability insurance in a specified amount. Pursuant to Section 6-28 of Joliet Municipal Code of Ordinance:

Liability insurance required to keep vicious dog. It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain any dog which has been found to be a vicious dog unless the owner of the dog procures and keeps in effect occurrence-based liability insurance with a policy limit of not less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00). The liability insurance shall be issued by a company authorized to do business in Illinois and shall cover claims brought by third parties in connection with physical injury or property damage caused by the vicious dog. A current certificate of insurance evidencing the coverage required by this section shall be filed with the city manager. The owner shall also file updated certificates of insurance with the city manager at the time the required insurance policies are renewed. Proof of liability insurance shall also be a requirement to obtaining a license tag for a vicious dog.

Our Joliet dog bite injury and dog attack attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to understand the local ordinances and state laws applicable to your matter. Our team of Joliet personal injury and wrongful death attorneys will assess your matter to determine the party of parties that may be at fault, as well as the resources that may be available from which to seek compensation.

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