Foreign Physicians and Medical Graduates

Chicago Immigration Attorneys - H-1B for Foreign Physicians

Our Chicago immigration lawyers can help foreign medical graduates who seek H-1B classification.  Foreign doctors must meet specific regulatory requirements. A petition for an alien physician coming to the United States to teach or conduct research without performing patient care does not require a license or other authorization from the state where the physician intends to work. However, a petition for an alien physician involved in direct patient care must include additional documentation and evidence that the foreign physician has passed licensing examinations and English language tests.

Attorneys in our firm understand the unique needs of foreign medical graduates and have extensive experience in representing foreign physicians and U.S. hospitals. Our office can assist you in all aspects of the process to ensure that all visas are processed on time for the start of the medical residency.

If you are a Medical Residents Coordinator who needs to sponsor foreign medical graduates for your residency program, or if you are a foreign medical graduate who needs a visa to start your medical residency in the United States, call us at 773-516-4100 or contact us online for a consultation to discuss your immigration law issues or questions.

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