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Elmhurst, located in the counties of Dupage and Cook, is a western Chicago suburb, known for its city motto ‘Ideal for your business, your Family, your life!’ In accordance with its motto, it was no surprise when Elmhurst’s mayor made a recent announcement regarding the formation of a Bicycle Task Force, aimed at supporting sustainability and making Elmhurst a more bicycle-friendly place. The Elmhurst Bicycle Accident Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. support the community’s bike planning efforts, and take note of the benefits it will offer residents in terms of promoting safety, and preventing accident and injury.

While Elmhurst certainly isn’t the first Chicago suburb to implement a bike plan, a view of the current plan demonstrates the extensive aforethought and comprehensive planning efforts taken by the city, in comparison to many surrounding Chicago communities. Through its use of census data, community input, and differentiation between specific types of bicyclists, as well as thorough review of existing conditions, and incorporation of an outreach & engagement plan to encourage bicycling, Elmhurst’s bike plan represents the type of plan that could perhaps be mirrored by other cities.

A notable aspect of the city’s bike plan, is its consideration of the valuable role that Elmhurst’s ‘five Es’ have played in urban development projects in the past, and how this system could also serve to benefit bike planning efforts. Elmhurt’s ‘five Es,’ as applied to the bike plan, are:

  • Engineering – installation of proposed bike routes, designated facilities, and other improvement measures that will promote bicyclist mobility
  • Education – providing residents with educational resources pertaining to bicycling, including bi-annual newsletter, inclusion of bike plan in driver education curriculum, and offering annual bicycle safety course to The League of American Bicyclists
  • Encouragement – promoting and encouraging ridership through implementing outreach and engagement strategies, such as ‘Bike to Work’ wellness program and ‘Shop by Bike’ program, and development of ‘Bike Elmhurst!’, or similar marketing campaigns
  • Enforcement – improving safety by enforcing bicycle laws, encouraging bicycle registration, require annual training for police officers regarding bicycle laws and proper enforcement
  • Evaluation (and Planning) – reviewing plan periodically to determine if recommendations are being implemented and goals are being met

Another notable characteristic of Elmhurst’s bike plan is its method of classifying bicyclists using an A-B-C categorization system, as follows:

  • Advanced Users – experienced riders, who are generally comfortable riding with motor vehicle traffic, and that use their bicycles for mobility, speed, and direct access to destinations, as they would use a motor vehicle.
  • Basic Riders – casual riders that prefer neighborhood streets or designated facilities, but that may use their bicycle for transportation purposes, but in a manner that avoids fast-moving traffic
  • Children – riders that travel alone or are accompanied by a parent, that use a bicycle to reach destinations such as school, parks, and retail stores.

The attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. encourage you to view Elmhurst’s Bike Plan at https://www.elmhurst.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/1886. For more information on general planning efforts in the city, bicycle safety, and Illinois bicycle laws, you can also visit the city’s website at https://www.elmhurst.org/.

As implementation efforts continue throughout the city of Elmhurst, our bicycling accident attorneys remain aware of the present dangers that exist to bicyclists, particularly those that travel along roadways that are shared with motorists.

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