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Chicago Immigration Attorneys - Citizenship and Naturalization Lawyers

Our Chicago immigration lawyers can help you become a United States Citizen.  A foreign national may apply to become a citizen if he or she meets certain conditions. Generally, once he or she becomes a citizen, the foreign national cannot be removed from the U.S. The foreign national's future children will normally be U.S. citizens by birth no matter where they are born. The foreign national can also petition for parents, spouse, or minor, unmarried children as immediate relatives and can even petition for his or her older or married children or siblings and their families.

If you have questions whether you can apply for citizenship or whether any of your children may already be citizens or want to come to the U.S., call the Chicago immigration law office of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. at 773-516-4100 or contact us online for a consultation to discuss your immigration issues or questions.

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