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The Attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. represent injured victims, as well as family members of those killed, in a bicycle accident that occurred in Cicero, or a surrounding area in Cook County. Given its central location, close proximity to the City of Chicago, access to public transit, high population density, and ongoing improvements to bike infrastructure in surrounding communities, bicycling continues to grow as popular means of transportation for many of Cicero’s nearly 84,000 residents. However, along with increased ridership in Cicero, has come a correlating increase in bike crash rates, many of which result in serious injury or death.

We understand the devastating financial and emotional impact that a bicycle accident can have, not only on the victim, but on the victim’s family as well. As legal professionals that both reside, as well as practice law in the Chicago Metropolitan area, we remain well-connected to the communities that we serve. It is our hope, that through encouraging safe riding practices, continued community development, and regulatory awareness, we can make our streets a safer place for those that travel to and within Cicero via bicycle. As such, our personal injury team has identified some noteworthy areas of concern that we feel may be contributing factors to Cicero’s high rate of bike crash injuries and fatalities.

Infrastructure & Planning. In consideration of existing bike routes in Cook County, as well as projects planned for the future, there appears to be a need for more infrastructure, planning, and community development in general, to improve both accessibility and safety. In light of Cicero’s location, which for many cyclists (i.e. residents of Berwyn), is used as a means of access to downtown Chicago and other nearby areas, the city could benefit by incorporating additional bike routes and lanes that connect to existing infrastructure and enhance the networking of neighboring communities. Other safety concerns within the city include the need for more crosswalks at unsignalized intersection and directional signage, as well as improving roadway conditions through proper maintenance and repair.

Regulation & Enforcement. In addition to state law, cyclists must adhere to local ordinance. However, as legal professionals, what we find concerning is Cicero’s failure to provide its residents with easily accessible information regarding bike regulation compliance. For example, pursuant to sec. 94-527 of Cicero’s Bicycle Ordinance, bicycle owners are required apply for and obtain a license from the town. Yet, in contrast to other cities, no information regarding licensing procedures is available through the city’s website, nor through other local resources. In addition, Cicero is one of just a few cities in the Chicago Metro area that requires bicyclists under the age of 16 to wear helmets. Yet we see little effort by the city in creating public awareness, as well as enforcing their helmet regulation, despite the fact that nearly 60% of households in Cicero have children under the age of 18.

City efforts aimed at enhancing infrastructure, planning, regulation and enforcement are just a few of the many ways that Cicero can increase ridership through improving safety and providing accessibility. However, we must keep in mind the role that we can all play, as individuals, in reducing injuries and fatalities caused by bicycle accidents. Motorist must learn to adapt to changing times, by remaining aware of the increasing presence of cyclists. At the same time, cyclists must ride responsibly and in accordance with state and local regulations, while also remembering the dangers that accompany bicycling in heavy-populated and/or high-traffic areas.

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