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Aurora Illinois is a densely populated city, home to nearly 200,000 residents, and located in mostly Kane County, will portions spilling over into Dupage, Will, and Kendall Counties,. Aurora’s large population is such that auto accidents have become a common occurrence. The injury and accident lawyers of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. represent victims of car accidents in Aurora, and neighboring Chicago suburbs.

Illinois law provides regulations that motorists must adhere by when operating a motor vehicle. However, most Illinois cities, Aurora included, have local ordinances which are intended to supplement state law. For example, Aurora has adopted an Automated Traffic Law Enforcement Program. This program records the license plates, through photographic means, of motorists who are fail to abide by red light signals. Disobedience of traffic signals is a common cause of car accidents in Aurora, and other Chicago cities. Our car accident injury attorneys have the requisite knowledge and appropriate resources to obtain the photographic evidence pertaining to your matter, when such evidence is available.

More Information on Aurora’s Automated Traffic Law Enforcement Program, is provided under Aurora’s Municipal Code of Ordinances at

Car accidents occurring at intersections where the injured is struck by a motorist failing to obey the traffic signal, can by quite devastating. Severe injury, and unfortunately death, commonly occur as a result of the violent impact of two vehicles colliding with one another at an intersection. In car accidents where the motorists are lucky enough to walk away from the accident, injuries can often go unnoticed for hours, or even days, and in other cases injuries can go unnoticed for weeks. Our injury and accident attorneys recognize that depending on the type of collision, injuries from auto accidents present themselves in all forms.

Commonly, injuries occurring as a result of a car accident are confused with similar injuries that the victim had prior to the car accident. Often times, the prior injury may have been dormant, asymptomatic, or in a state of remission at the time of the auto crash, but the injury is aggravated as a result of the car collision. The personal injury auto accident attorneys of Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C. have represented clients where an aggravation of a pre-existing injury resulting in a car accident.

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